Velocity includes a few commands in the core of the proxy by default. You can gain a richer set of commands by adding plugins.

The /velocity command

The /velocity command contains a number of commands to help manage the proxy.

/velocity plugins

If the user has the velocity.command.plugins permission, they can view all the plugins currently active on the proxy.

/velocity version

Displays the Velocity proxy version.

/velocity reload

If the user has the velocity.command.reload permission, the proxy will read and reconfigure itself from the velocity.toml on disk. If there are problems with parsing the file, no changes will be applied.

The /server command

If the user has the velocity.command.server permission (by default, this is granted to all users), players can use this command to view and change servers.

Executing just /server will send the user the name of the server they are currently on, along with options to move to other servers configured on the proxy.

If a server name is specified, Velocity will attempt to connect to the server.

The /shutdown command

When executed from the console, this will gracefully shut down the Velocity proxy. All players will be disconnected from the proxy and plugins will have a chance to finish up before the proxy shuts down.